Jun. 14th, 2017

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Nominations will close in approximately 4.5 hours at 8pm EDT. Now is the time to get in your last minute nominations.

Can the person who nominated "Mickey Milkovich/Other(s)" please pick a more specific relationship?

We accidentally accepted "Jack Harkness/Other(s)" which we shouldn't have since "Other(s)" could technically be inferred to be Ianto which is not a rare ship. Could you please pick a more specific ship, and we'll replace it?

There are a couple nominations for "Star Wars - All Media Types". We ask that you please change your nomination to a more specific version.
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Nominations are now closed. We'll try to review the remaining nominations tonight, but may not finish until tomorrow.

Through 8pm EDT on 6/16, we'd also like to give people the opportunity to add one additional ship to a fandom of their choice. Just comment here, and we'll get it added.

Please let us know if you notice any errors in the tagset like tags that have wandered into the wrong fandoms.

Signups with open on the 17th.
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