May. 8th, 2016

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Welcome to Rare Pair Exchange 2016

This is our fifth multi-fandom Rare Pair Exchange on Livejournal.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions/comments/concerns. We do not know about issues unless we are told.

Useful links are located in the sidebar.

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A Change

No extensions will be given this year.

Seeking feedback

Original fiction
We already allow people to nominate original characters as part of a relationship. What are people's thoughts on allowing the nomination of Original Works as well?

Nominations of connected fandoms
MCU and it's TV shows - All under MCU or TV shows separate?
Marvel/DC Comics - Preference for nominations? Ex. For "Marvel 616" everything under that or as individual comic runs, but not both.
Dragon Age - Together or separate?
X-Men Movies - X1-X3, First Class/Days of Future Past, the Wolverine movies all separate?
Currently we check for eligibility of nominated relationships, but unlike AO3 where it's easy to tell if a work contains a ship, on it's not nearly as clear cut as many people don't use the pairing option especially on older fics. We tend to give quite a lot of leeway on numbers here because of this, but we know that some people aren't happy with it. We've considered not looking at, but there are quite a few legitimately large ships that we would have no way of ruling out if we didn't look at Thoughts? Actually, we're going to have an evidence post this year, so someone can show us why it shouldn't be rejected.

Also feel free to include feedback on anything else.
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